Shot to Itself



Islamist extremists sometimes shot to themselves in Iran without knowing it. Like this picture. Let me explain to you.

As you know, Iran and western countries are around table to talk about Iran Nuclear program. Since last month, official from Iran and U.S had met, some extremists got mad in Tehran. They lifted some advertisement billboard with this picture:


Two diplomats, from Iran and U.S, are sitting to talk but under the table, American Diplomat kept a shotgun. “American Honesty” typed in Farsi on the picture that addressing U.S is not reliable to negotiation.

The Basij, the semi-military organization that  receiving their orders from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, was behind this billboards in Tehran, capital of Iran. A week before Iran negotiator come to Geneva on November, these billboard collected from streets.

Now, let look to the first picture. Islamist extremists again designed a new Billboard.


Fars News agency that is close to IRGC, announced this new billboard is “Current Shemr”.

The Miniature portrayed “good and evil” in Iranian Muslim believes. Left is Imam Hussein, third Imam of Shia Islam and on the right is his killer, “Shemr”. If you notice, Shmer’s face had collaged with Benjamin @Netanyahu’s photo.

Although extremists tried to show a new Shemr in this era as character of evil, there is a big mistake. First, Who is Shemr?

In the folklore of Shia IslamShemr is a villainous figure, who is usually associated with the death of the prophet Muhammad‘s grandson Hussein ibn Ali at the Battle of Karbala.
Shemr is depicted in the passion plays during the Shia festival of Ashura.
Shemr  fought in the battle of Kerbala and his army killed Imam Hussein.


The mistake is that “Hussein” was lost in fighting with Shemr1400 years ago. Even Shia believes Hussein was a honorable victim, he lost his life and logically, he defeated in fighting.

Extremists made this symbol without thinking that what the final of this Comparison is. “Modern Shemr”, here means Israel and they will have been over Iran by extremists?


Spring is coming and Iranian’s new year


Primrose flower -01
The primrose flower a sign of coming spring in north of Iran, Gilan- photo here

I was going to work, like other days 4:00 AM. and like other days I was listening WTOP, our local radio station. The anchor said tomorrow is the first day of spring. It was true. Actually it is true. March 20 is first day of spring. I don’t know but I expected that he mentions this is an Iranian and some other nations new year such as I have heard several times about Chinese new year every end of January. But nothing. 

Maybe, he or his editor doesn’t know. Or maybe, they know but they don’t care. Why they should care about a holiday for a county that every day its name is appearing on top news as unfavorable. For example, if you just search Iran name in today’s news, these are some news:

– No shift in Iran’s nuclear behaviour, despite sanctions

– Nuclear talks: Iran unmoved by world powers’ latest proposal

Unfortunately, for years an extreme regime in Tehran worries the world. Islamic Republic of Iran is going to its path. The path is similar to north Korea to rich nuclear bomb. Even Ayatollah Khamenei denies it but Iran doesn’t let IAEA to monitor some questionable military-nuc sites. Why? If Iran is clear why doesn’t accept the monitoring.  Of course another big issue is human rights violence such Islamic Republic sacrifice its people. 

Iran’s proceeds for years are on scale. For years, Islamic republic were accused to involve in bombing, assassination, and other kind of dangerous plots. This bring a bad reputation for Iran.  Iran is not only a unpleasant regime and the true is there is a nation in the Middle East: Iran. Iran of Iranian. 

Now, come back to my introduction. The spring is coming. Iranian new year and some neighbors countries will start tomorrow. What can I say except wish peace and freedom for Iran. I believe if they come, I will hear from my local radio that the first day of spring is coming. It is Iranian and some others new year. Yes, this is the only area that start the new year exactly on starting spring!


Persian Gulf, you know


recently in a post I explained, the gulf in south of Iran is Persian Gulf. That’s it. “My Abu Musa“.

This photo was taken by Mehr news agancy that shows the United Arab Emirates minister of foreign affairs in Tehran. He sits next to a map. A part of Iran. Exactly, it is Persian Gulf.  Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his government and mabye some other Arabs countries try to change this name to the Gulf or Arabian Gulf.

A kind of feigning history!



Dear Brazilian colleague, I am sorry…


Have you heard about what a high rank Iranian Diplomat did in Brazil? Let me code from the Guardian:

An Iranian diplomat is facing child abuse allegations in Brasilia after angry parents at a local swimming pool accused him of fondling girls between the ages of 9 and 15.

The diplomat was arrested by Brazilian police at the weekend shortly after the incident but his diplomatic immunity secured his immediate release.


It’s a completely scandal. Hekmatollah Ghorbani did a dirty action.  But it is double shameful for Islamic Republic of Iran. I.R.Iran is an Islamic Regime that pretenses to this religion rules. In Islam, relation out of marriage is sin and crime. Specially this action; touching under age girls! I read if he was a Brazilian, he would sentence 15 years.

The only reason I am writing this post is about statement of Iran’s embassy in Brazil. They rebutted the accusations, and said“The accusation leveled against the Iranian diplomat is only a misunderstanding arising from differences in cultural attitudes.”

Sorry Excuse.

Dear Brazilian colleague,

You will be right if you get angry. First that embarrassing behavior and now this justification.

I want tell you clearly, there is no differences between you and us. Touching baby’s body and sexual molestation is worst thing that a person can do for his/her satisfies.

In Iranian culture almost all of people treat like other people in the world. They believe this diplomat did a crime and he should face to charge in Iran.

As you know, Iran had a corrupted regime. I want aware you that many Iranian believe Ahmadinejad is not their president and he came for second term on a fraud election in 2009.

Also, let me tell you,  recently, a big embezzlement happened due to Iranian government neglected to supervisory. Many people in his administration didn’t have experience and they got mission because of friendship they have  had with Ahmadinejad or his close friends.

What we can expect? After such this scandal,  minister of foreign affairs should resign. But in Iran? No. Hundred present of regime will be behind of offender.

I see some signs like:

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said on Thursday that the allegations were “unfounded” and “untrue”, the semi-official Fars news agency reported. (the Guardian)

Please accept my apology as an Iranian and don’t count this worst behavior to my nation…..


My “Abu Musa”


Abu Musa island is in my country. In Iran. In Persian Gulf.

For 30 years, UAE claims this island and two others are its. Since 1974, they says that they have ownership of Abu Musa island, Greater Tunb, and Lesser Tunbin. This claim is not true. It is fake like their other claims.

Recently, UAE and some Arab countries have said The Persian Gulf is not and “The Arabian Gulf ” is true. Who does believe them when for thousands year this sea has been called “Persian Gulf”. Look at this map:


 I talked with some Arab classmate and asked them how you can called this Persian Gulf, in Arab. They said, all countries around it are Arab!

There is a gulf in south of the U.S is called Gulf of Mexico. It held common by the U.S, Mexico, and Cuba. US has 55% boarder and Mixico 41% and Cuba only 4%.
According my Arabian friend’s lagic, the U.S has to call it Gulf of US?!

It is not right. A name is a part of history and you can not change it when you want. Persian empire is important part of history in Middle East. Instead of effort to changing names, try to make a glorious Middle East.


Execution love in Iran


Iran’s Islamic regime doesn’t enjoy growing “love” between Iranian. By excuse against Islam, They don’t let people hearing every kinds of Music or dancing and also they don’t accept date between young couple.

Like western countries, Valentine’s day is growing between young Iranian but Iran authority is not able to accept it. This picture show a statement that ask all printing company to do not print and materials related to Valentine’s day.

Iranian print company don't print and materials related to Valentines' day
Iranian print company don't print and materials related to Valentines' day

According to this official statement, associate of print company mentioned no one doesn’t print any brochure , poster , box  and visit card with symbol of heart and rose!

What you think? Are they trying execution love in Iran?

the good point about Valentine’s day in Iran is a historical background. More than two thousand years ago, February 18, Men respected to their women (wife and daughters). They called “Esfandegan” and you can read more about it here.