Dear Brazilian colleague, I am sorry…


Have you heard about what a high rank Iranian Diplomat did in Brazil? Let me code from the Guardian:

An Iranian diplomat is facing child abuse allegations in Brasilia after angry parents at a local swimming pool accused him of fondling girls between the ages of 9 and 15.

The diplomat was arrested by Brazilian police at the weekend shortly after the incident but his diplomatic immunity secured his immediate release.


It’s a completely scandal. Hekmatollah Ghorbani did a dirty action.  But it is double shameful for Islamic Republic of Iran. I.R.Iran is an Islamic Regime that pretenses to this religion rules. In Islam, relation out of marriage is sin and crime. Specially this action; touching under age girls! I read if he was a Brazilian, he would sentence 15 years.

The only reason I am writing this post is about statement of Iran’s embassy in Brazil. They rebutted the accusations, and said“The accusation leveled against the Iranian diplomat is only a misunderstanding arising from differences in cultural attitudes.”

Sorry Excuse.

Dear Brazilian colleague,

You will be right if you get angry. First that embarrassing behavior and now this justification.

I want tell you clearly, there is no differences between you and us. Touching baby’s body and sexual molestation is worst thing that a person can do for his/her satisfies.

In Iranian culture almost all of people treat like other people in the world. They believe this diplomat did a crime and he should face to charge in Iran.

As you know, Iran had a corrupted regime. I want aware you that many Iranian believe Ahmadinejad is not their president and he came for second term on a fraud election in 2009.

Also, let me tell you,  recently, a big embezzlement happened due to Iranian government neglected to supervisory. Many people in his administration didn’t have experience and they got mission because of friendship they have  had with Ahmadinejad or his close friends.

What we can expect? After such this scandal,  minister of foreign affairs should resign. But in Iran? No. Hundred present of regime will be behind of offender.

I see some signs like:

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said on Thursday that the allegations were “unfounded” and “untrue”, the semi-official Fars news agency reported. (the Guardian)

Please accept my apology as an Iranian and don’t count this worst behavior to my nation…..


This is Talesh, in My Gilan


One of my purpose to write this blog in English is talking about my homeland in North of Iran.

This picture show one of my favorite place in Gilan, it called Talesh. Talesh is a big county in Gilan but in fact, It is greater. Talesh is a big ethnicity and a kind of  civilization. They have route in thousands year. Maybe, it is interesting for you that Talesh is now divided two part. One is now in Gilan, in Iran and another big part reminded in Azerbaijan country.

Talesh has mountainous wonderful areas, and its virgin and intact nature is a charming place for those eager of nature.

When I was in Rasht, every summer that weather was more than 40 C, I had been to Talesh. There was cold and humidity….


PS. Read more about Talesh in Wikipedia ….


My “Abu Musa”


Abu Musa island is in my country. In Iran. In Persian Gulf.

For 30 years, UAE claims this island and two others are its. Since 1974, they says that they have ownership of Abu Musa island, Greater Tunb, and Lesser Tunbin. This claim is not true. It is fake like their other claims.

Recently, UAE and some Arab countries have said The Persian Gulf is not and “The Arabian Gulf ” is true. Who does believe them when for thousands year this sea has been called “Persian Gulf”. Look at this map:


 I talked with some Arab classmate and asked them how you can called this Persian Gulf, in Arab. They said, all countries around it are Arab!

There is a gulf in south of the U.S is called Gulf of Mexico. It held common by the U.S, Mexico, and Cuba. US has 55% boarder and Mixico 41% and Cuba only 4%.
According my Arabian friend’s lagic, the U.S has to call it Gulf of US?!

It is not right. A name is a part of history and you can not change it when you want. Persian empire is important part of history in Middle East. Instead of effort to changing names, try to make a glorious Middle East.


Bahareh is not alone


Look at this picture that my dear friend “Amin Ahmadian” shared on his Facebook minutes ago:

I know many people in this picture. Most of them are journalist, human rights activist, political activist.

These activists and journalists celebrated “Bahareh Hedayat”‘s birthday but she is not home.

She is in Iran’s jail due to her student’s activity. Almost, three years ago, Iranian intelligence service arrested her and some other student activist on Iran’s Student Day….

Yes, It is sad story but I believe Bahareh is not alone now. Many people are thinking about her bravery