My “Abu Musa”


Abu Musa island is in my country. In Iran. In Persian Gulf.

For 30 years, UAE claims this island and two others are its. Since 1974, they says that they have ownership of Abu Musa island, Greater Tunb, and Lesser Tunbin. This claim is not true. It is fake like their other claims.

Recently, UAE and some Arab countries have said The Persian Gulf is not and “The Arabian Gulf ” is true. Who does believe them when for thousands year this sea has been called “Persian Gulf”. Look at this map:


 I talked with some Arab classmate and asked them how you can called this Persian Gulf, in Arab. They said, all countries around it are Arab!

There is a gulf in south of the U.S is called Gulf of Mexico. It held common by the U.S, Mexico, and Cuba. US has 55% boarder and Mixico 41% and Cuba only 4%.
According my Arabian friend’s lagic, the U.S has to call it Gulf of US?!

It is not right. A name is a part of history and you can not change it when you want. Persian empire is important part of history in Middle East. Instead of effort to changing names, try to make a glorious Middle East.


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