Dear Brazilian colleague, I am sorry…


Have you heard about what a high rank Iranian Diplomat did in Brazil? Let me code from the Guardian:

An Iranian diplomat is facing child abuse allegations in Brasilia after angry parents at a local swimming pool accused him of fondling girls between the ages of 9 and 15.

The diplomat was arrested by Brazilian police at the weekend shortly after the incident but his diplomatic immunity secured his immediate release.


It’s a completely scandal. Hekmatollah Ghorbani did a dirty action.  But it is double shameful for Islamic Republic of Iran. I.R.Iran is an Islamic Regime that pretenses to this religion rules. In Islam, relation out of marriage is sin and crime. Specially this action; touching under age girls! I read if he was a Brazilian, he would sentence 15 years.

The only reason I am writing this post is about statement of Iran’s embassy in Brazil. They rebutted the accusations, and said“The accusation leveled against the Iranian diplomat is only a misunderstanding arising from differences in cultural attitudes.”

Sorry Excuse.

Dear Brazilian colleague,

You will be right if you get angry. First that embarrassing behavior and now this justification.

I want tell you clearly, there is no differences between you and us. Touching baby’s body and sexual molestation is worst thing that a person can do for his/her satisfies.

In Iranian culture almost all of people treat like other people in the world. They believe this diplomat did a crime and he should face to charge in Iran.

As you know, Iran had a corrupted regime. I want aware you that many Iranian believe Ahmadinejad is not their president and he came for second term on a fraud election in 2009.

Also, let me tell you,  recently, a big embezzlement happened due to Iranian government neglected to supervisory. Many people in his administration didn’t have experience and they got mission because of friendship they have  had with Ahmadinejad or his close friends.

What we can expect? After such this scandal,  minister of foreign affairs should resign. But in Iran? No. Hundred present of regime will be behind of offender.

I see some signs like:

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said on Thursday that the allegations were “unfounded” and “untrue”, the semi-official Fars news agency reported. (the Guardian)

Please accept my apology as an Iranian and don’t count this worst behavior to my nation…..


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  • http://Gustavo%20Barros

    My name is Gustavo and I am Brazilian.

    We know about that, and the brazilian Midia also know about the costumes in Iran. Knowing that people in Iran also think that kind of behavior its completaly unacetable.

    Congrats for the Blog!

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