Return to the Period of Ignorance


Even the title is talking about the ignorance period but this picture is not such old that period it is:


 There are three persons here: two executioner and a criminal. The criminal is a Thief and ISNA agency reported he has 47 claimants without any detail. (ISNA Link – Farsi)

According to Iranian law that they called “Islamic Penal Code of Iran” one of sentence for a thief can be cutting finger. It has steps for example if it was first time the judge can sentence the thief to cut a phalanges, next time to cut a whole finger, and third time robbery can be sentence to cut a hand from wrist. It would be expended if the thief rapid the crime to cut whole hand and the last sentence is a death penalty.

This law comes from Islam and almost   twenty years ago, Iranian parliament temporary passed this law. There are some punishment that are not acceptable to this era such “cutting of hands, and feet, stoning to death, cutting off of tongues and gouging out eyes on the statutes.”

I don’t have problem with Islam and some people who believe in this religion but I strongly believe these kind of sentences don’t work to this new world we are living. A main point of setting punishment is showing other potential criminal to see their future. Also, authority wants to prevent crime in the society.

I am sure these sentences can not guarantee these two purposes. If they would other western countries still use these sentences. As we know, elementary societies used some harsh punishments until a few centuries ago. They changed because using a hanging or cutting a organ as punishment is just wiping a problem, no solution! For example, two years a go a crazy person killed more than 70 children in Norway. The authority didn’t killed him fast and they sentenced to life jail and also search about why he had done this massacre.

At this time, world tries to finds better solution  in Iran the judiciary system returns to back to use some old  and not acceptable punishment!


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