Spring is coming and Iranian’s new year


Primrose flower -01
The primrose flower a sign of coming spring in north of Iran, Gilan- photo here

I was going to work, like other days 4:00 AM. and like other days I was listening WTOP, our local radio station. The anchor said tomorrow is the first day of spring. It was true. Actually it is true. March 20 is first day of spring. I don’t know but I expected that he mentions this is an Iranian and some other nations new year such as I have heard several times about Chinese new year every end of January. But nothing. 

Maybe, he or his editor doesn’t know. Or maybe, they know but they don’t care. Why they should care about a holiday for a county that every day its name is appearing on top news as unfavorable. For example, if you just search Iran name in today’s news, these are some news:

– No shift in Iran’s nuclear behaviour, despite sanctions

– Nuclear talks: Iran unmoved by world powers’ latest proposal

Unfortunately, for years an extreme regime in Tehran worries the world. Islamic Republic of Iran is going to its path. The path is similar to north Korea to rich nuclear bomb. Even Ayatollah Khamenei denies it but Iran doesn’t let IAEA to monitor some questionable military-nuc sites. Why? If Iran is clear why doesn’t accept the monitoring.  Of course another big issue is human rights violence such Islamic Republic sacrifice its people. 

Iran’s proceeds for years are on scale. For years, Islamic republic were accused to involve in bombing, assassination, and other kind of dangerous plots. This bring a bad reputation for Iran.  Iran is not only a unpleasant regime and the true is there is a nation in the Middle East: Iran. Iran of Iranian. 

Now, come back to my introduction. The spring is coming. Iranian new year and some neighbors countries will start tomorrow. What can I say except wish peace and freedom for Iran. I believe if they come, I will hear from my local radio that the first day of spring is coming. It is Iranian and some others new year. Yes, this is the only area that start the new year exactly on starting spring!


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