Shot to Itself



Islamist extremists sometimes shot to themselves in Iran without knowing it. Like this picture. Let me explain to you.

As you know, Iran and western countries are around table to talk about Iran Nuclear program. Since last month, official from Iran and U.S had met, some extremists got mad in Tehran. They lifted some advertisement billboard with this picture:


Two diplomats, from Iran and U.S, are sitting to talk but under the table, American Diplomat kept a shotgun. “American Honesty” typed in Farsi on the picture that addressing U.S is not reliable to negotiation.

The Basij, the semi-military organization that  receiving their orders from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, was behind this billboards in Tehran, capital of Iran. A week before Iran negotiator come to Geneva on November, these billboard collected from streets.

Now, let look to the first picture. Islamist extremists again designed a new Billboard.


Fars News agency that is close to IRGC, announced this new billboard is “Current Shemr”.

The Miniature portrayed “good and evil” in Iranian Muslim believes. Left is Imam Hussein, third Imam of Shia Islam and on the right is his killer, “Shemr”. If you notice, Shmer’s face had collaged with Benjamin @Netanyahu’s photo.

Although extremists tried to show a new Shemr in this era as character of evil, there is a big mistake. First, Who is Shemr?

In the folklore of Shia IslamShemr is a villainous figure, who is usually associated with the death of the prophet Muhammad‘s grandson Hussein ibn Ali at the Battle of Karbala.
Shemr is depicted in the passion plays during the Shia festival of Ashura.
Shemr  fought in the battle of Kerbala and his army killed Imam Hussein.


The mistake is that “Hussein” was lost in fighting with Shemr1400 years ago. Even Shia believes Hussein was a honorable victim, he lost his life and logically, he defeated in fighting.

Extremists made this symbol without thinking that what the final of this Comparison is. “Modern Shemr”, here means Israel and they will have been over Iran by extremists?


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