Two death bodies and no answer!


Public opinions in the U.S. call firefighters here because of their service. Almost most of them try their best to save life even pets life!

In Iran there is no such this culture. Like U.S firefighters are a part of Municipal system but they always are on shortage of budget and weak management. Let me give you a trouble example.

Yesterday a fire happened in a five levels building in center of Tehran, Iran’s capital. It started from a small cloth factory that should close because yesterday was a holiday in Iran but it wasn’t.

Even firefighters were on the scene, two women died. They went to window and wait to help but ladders didn’t work well to save these two mothers. Also, there was no “Life-saving jumping cushion” so they lose their balance and fell down. Can you believe it? The photos shows what happened.

Fire department spokesman says both women fell because “They were unable to stable in their place.” No more explanation to answer questions such as why the ladder didn’t work soon. Later firefighters used it for saving eight others. Also, the question why Fire Department of Tehran doesn’t have a┬áLife-saving jumping cushion for situation like it.

We know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure but prevention is not serious in Iran. on the other hand, weak management always put people’s life under danger. The bad thing is that managers and officials don’t take responsibilities. Of course people don’t have enough attention to ask them. This means like other incidents, tonight two families, two groups of child didn’t see their mother; for ever. Two mothers who had to work even in a holiday and now they have gone!


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